[mythtv-users] 0.21: hdhomerun: how to record UHF HD on #1 (OTA), VHF on #2 (via cable/QAM)?

Peter Watkins peterw at tux.org
Sat Jan 9 19:52:14 UTC 2010

Folks, I could use some advice!

Current setup: Located in USA. Backend+Frontend on Ubuntu 8.04 x64. 
Using the Ubuntu MythTV 0.21 package (0.21.0+fixes16838). Two SD 
tuners (Hauppauge PVR-500), two HD tuners (one HDHomerun device). 
Cable TV feed going to the SD tuners, indoor antenna feeding the 
HDHomerun for OTA HD.

Problem #1: two local broadcasters switched from UHF to VHF and now I 
cannot receive their programming over the air. (Please just accept 
this as a given. I've tried multiple tuners, antennas, and locations 
-- everything shy of a roof-mounted aerial.)

Problem #2: while my cable company currently rebroadcasts the local 
channels on unencrypted QAM, the picture quality is not as good as the 
OTA ATSC signal (I understand some cable companies compress the HD 
signal to save bandwidth).

What I'd like:
A) Connect my HD antenna to HDHomerun tuner #1, and use it as a higher 
priority tuner for the local UHF channels.
B) Connect my cable feed to HDHomerun tuner #2 (in addition to the SD 
tuners) and use it to record the local VHF broadcasts via QAM. Ideally 
it would record any local channel (UHF or VHF) but be a lower priority 
so MythTV would always try to record the UHF programs from the 
antenna/ATSC. Less desirable (but still better than I have now) would 
be only using HDHomerun #2 for VHF channels via QAM.

Problem #3:
Schedules Direct will only let me create one listing source for local 
HD broadcasts -- and if I assign that source to both HDHomerun tuners, 
MythTV expects to see all local channels on both HDHomerun tuners -- 
so it sometimes tries to tun VHF on the antenna-fed tuner and fails 
(at least in my initial tests with Live TV; even though I asked 
mythtv-setup to scan for channels and HDHomerun could not get a lock 
on the VHF broadcasters, Live TV tries to tune them).

What's the best way to accomplish my goals?

Do I need to set up two MythTV sources for local channels (each 
getting the same data from Schedules Direct), assign each MythTV 
source to one HDHomerun tuner, and use the MythWeb channel editor to 
delete the VHF channels from the MythTV source that's associated with 
the HDHomerun tuner that has the antenna feed?

Thanks in advance,


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