[mythtv-users] trunk: mythfrontend does not show all recordings

Juergen Sachs juergen-sachs at gmx.de
Sat Jan 9 18:43:39 UTC 2010

Am Freitag, 8. Januar 2010 20:29:25 schrieb ryan patterson:
> > No one a idea what could be wrong ?
> > I do not even see new recodings, so mythtv is useless to me and I want to
> > have it back since it is working great up to that.
> > I found out the SQL query (done by the backend, not the frontend) and I
> > get all recordings as a result.
> > So I have truely activated a filter, I do not know of,  or something else
> > is wrong.
> Do you really have 1334 recordings?  My myth recordings partition is
> 1.5TB and I have under ~450 recordings.  You have three times as
> many?!  What type of storage do you have on your backend?
Yes I have around 1400 Recordings. They are mostly series of about 45 or 60 
minutes length. My recording groups have around 3TB :-)

And the curios thing is that I only see recordings up to certain date. Even 
new recordings do not show up. I see the recording file on the  drive. And i 
can look it up in the database doing a manual query, but they do not show up 
in the "Media->Watch Recording" Screen.
If I go to "maintain recordings->old recordings" they are all there.

So there must be a kind of filter I have no idea of. already gone through the 
"group" and "change group view" filters.

All these recordings were visible until I made a "svn up" around Christmas. 
But I notice to late go go back a step.


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