[mythtv-users] excessive crashing of 0.22 backend

Xavier Hervy xavier.hervy at bluebottle.com
Sat Jan 9 14:54:43 UTC 2010

Paul Harrison wrote:
> Nothing in 0.22 should be using QT3. Check you haven't still got some
> old plugins left around from 0.21 that have not been updated to 0.22
> versions. MythPhone is a common one since it has been removed from 0.22.
> MythFlix could be another depending on which branch you are using.  You
> will usually find the plugins in /usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ or 
> /usr/local/lib/mythtv/plugins/.
> Paul H.
are you sure ? I need to install libqt4-qt3support to build myth trunk 
post 0.22

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