[mythtv-users] Ideas for MythMusic rewrite

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Fri Jan 8 11:56:57 UTC 2010

Around about 30/12/09 12:53, Paul Harrison typed ...
> We'll probably regret this but we would like your opinions :-)  We are
> in the process of  switching MythMusic to MythUI and would like to take
> the opportunity to make some much needed improvements to the interface.

   Maybe minor, but shouldn't be too tricky:

- I think it'd be nice to see album art during browse, maybe as a faded 
background in a similar vein to the new MythVideo setup, instead of just a 
visualisation option.

- I'd like to see MythMsic sort on 'SortArtist' (that's in Vorbis, although 
there are a couple more I tihnk, I forget the MP3 tag 'PSOT'?) before 
Artist, as a lot of metadata, esp. from MusicBrainz, now has that set for 
compilation albums (where 'Artist' & 'Title' are set “properly”, and 
'SortArtist' is “Various” for purposes of filing/album-listing).

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