[mythtv-users] low family acceptance factor; need advice

mythtv at blandford.net mythtv at blandford.net
Wed Jan 6 18:12:01 UTC 2010

On 01/06/2010 10:33 AM, Aaron wrote:
> OK, I moved to Myth not long ago from the MCE camp. I like Linux and
> can get around quite well; but... the wife and kids are not so
> impressed.  The wife loves the commercial skip process and personally
> so do I, but for everything else we are kinda at a loss. Nothing
> really feels stable to us, the front end will randomly crash (if you
> stop the TV it sometimes just exits to the desktop). T

Hi Aaron, there are a couple of ways to approach this.  The first is to 
increase the logging from mythfrontend to see why it is dying and 
resolve that issue.

The second, is to modify the process starting mythfrontend.  You  should 
be able to wrap it in a look such that if it dies, it just gets 
restarted.  While this isn't optimal, it will at least prevent any 
intervention from you or the family.

 > Movies for the kids, just isn't working
> like I want, I want a movie db, not a list of files. I need it as
> simple as possible for the kids and wife to just click on the movie
> they want, maybe this is a over site on my behalf, but it seemed to be
> a lot of work to just get it to display just movies.

Mythvideo does exactly this.  You may want to read up on it on the wiki.

Mythvideo has several views.  There is a folder view, gallery view, etc. 
  Toggling that view may well give you what you want.

I  am assuming you have also used mythvideo to pull down metadata for 
your videos so you get movie information and covers.

> Am I going about this in the wrong way? I need a high WAF, KAF, FAF
> rating, and I think it's negative right now...(on all fronts).

While myth isn't perfect, you should be able to get the WAF factor high 
enough that the benefits of myth outway the shortcomings and easily 
beats MCE.


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