[mythtv-users] low family acceptance factor; need advice

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 18:06:13 UTC 2010

> We are using the MythCenter theme, as it's the only 4:3 theme. My
> projector can do 720p/1080i wide, but I can't get the video card to
> switch to 1280x720 (it does for my xbox 360, and in windows, but it's
> really not that big of a deal)

Try using Mythbuntu theme. Technically it isn't 4:3 but it is fine on
my SD set. The fanart gets a little bit squeezed and occasionally The
fonts are too big to fit a whole title in etc. The look and layout is
very similar to MythCenter, but it has the newer .22 artwork features.
You can view the stuff in mythvideo in different ways. I chose to go
with the list (aka file browser) because I like to keep my stuff
organized the way I want. I have my kids movies and TV shows separated
from my stuff, etc. In mythvideo hit the Menu button and check out the
other options under "Browse By..." and "Change View". Many of those
options will depend on metadata but that is easy to get with the new
thetvdb and themoviedb grabbers in mythvideo or with Jamu.

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