[mythtv-users] Broadcom CrystalHD??

Ben Eisemann ben at locojeeper.com
Wed Jan 6 15:52:41 UTC 2010

Thanks Travis for the quick response.

The other shows I haven't noticed an issue with... and the only reason I
noticed this one is that my wife has been on a Bones kick recently.

Its not a huge bother, but i'll look into at some point.   I understand the
CPU usage, memory, network traffic analysis process... but only have a
cursory knowledge of bitrates and codes and all that jive.

Thanks again.

God Bless,

Ben T. Eisemann
beisemann at gmail.com

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On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 10:43 AM, Travis Tabbal <travis at tabbal.net> wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 6:27 AM, Ben Eisemann <ben at locojeeper.com> wrote:
>> So i'm too impatient to let the discussion naturally drift to what I have
>> on my mind.
>> I currently run a Mac Mini Dual Core 1.83ghz with Mac OS 10.6 and MythTV
>> 0.22 (from sniderpad) as my frontend.  I most recently noticed a little
>> "jerkiness" playing back Bones episodes from Fox HD (clear QAM through
>> comcast, so I guess thats 720p... I'm not sure though).
>> Anywho enough background... I was contemplating eventually trading up to
>> NVIDIA based Mac Mini and running linux on it to the VDPAU whatever it is.
>> But with drivers now available for the broadcom chip on Mac OS... what's
>> the missing ingredient to get it working through the mac variant of the
>> MythTV frontend?  Is there a whole 'nother level of code that needs to be
>> integrated into MythTV source in order to take advantage of the chipset and
>> OS drivers?
> You need Myth to support sending the data to the Broadcom card and reading
> the decoded frames back, then sending them to the video card. So yes,
> another layer of software is required. It's possible support will make the
> cut for .23, and I'm sure there will be a patch set available when the code
> is ready for whatever version of Myth is current at that time. Though doing
> that voids whatever warranty you might have with Myth. :) Much the same as
> what happened with VDPAU and .21.
> The nice thing about this card, is that the API is supposed to be the same
> on all platforms, so once Myth supports it, it should work on Windows,
> Linux, and MacOS.
> As for the jerkiness, do you know anything else about the video? I can
> decode 720p MPEG2 ATSC streams in software with less CPU than that. I'm not
> sure, but I thought Comcast was doing passthrough for OTA stations, so it
> should be about the same. Perhaps they are compressing it themselves with
> h264, that does stress a CPU of that level. To find the problem, you need to
> know how much CPU is in use, and what codec, bitrate, etc. for the video
> file.
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