[mythtv-users] Bob's Huge List of Questions [Was: 0.22 annoyances]

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 15:25:40 UTC 2010

> His opinion surprised me.  In short, he said: "Put all your work into a
> feature-rich UPnP backend, then get a SageTV or Popcorn or similar media box
> for each TV."  From the perspectives of cost and ease-of-setup, this advice
> seems logical.  If I can get a box that's just smart enough to let me to
> access MythWeb, then it would seem I don't really need a MythTV frontend,
> and thus wouldn't need an HTPC.
> Comments?  Reactions?
> What would the best Media Player box be, assuming it would be talking to a
> MythTV backend?
> If this strategy seems prudent, then next step would be to craft the best
> bang-for-the-buck MythTV backend, which I assume would be a vastly simpler
> problem to solve (a 3 watt PlugComputer + HDHR?).  In which case, I'll not
> hijack this thread, and will start another thread for that subject.

I don't agree. Going with UPnP device will limit your ability to use
some of the best features of MythTV. You would generally need more
than a 3 W plug computer for the backend, although not too much more.
You need disks, a CPU that can handle the database, commercial
flagging, etc, and you want to have a good network (I would go with 1
Gbps if I was starting out). The idea with a backend only machine is
that it doesn't need to be pretty or quiet. You can put all the disks
you need in it, etc, and then just stick it somewhere where you don't
see it or hear it.

In the past it would have made more sense to go with something like
that popcorn hour, but now you can get a variety of small, quiet ION
based frontend machines for approximately $200. So they will have
basically the same footprint as a popcorn hour, but you get a full HD
capable frontend. So you get a full frontend that can do commercial
skip, time stretch, scheduling, etc. Also you can run other things
like XBMC or Boxee on there if you like. I don't see a compelling
reason to go with a UPnP frontend at this point.

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