[mythtv-users] Bob's Huge List of Questions [Was: 0.22 annoyances]

Christopher Kerr mythtv at theseekerr.com
Mon Jan 4 00:38:54 UTC 2010

> The boxy Shuttle form-factor seems a bit odd for a media center: I'd prefer
> something that will stack nicely with my other system components.
> After a bit more research, it seems rear case fans are OK, so long as they
> are 70mm or larger.  My HTPC will be on an open shelf, not in a closed
> cabinet.  I've seen several recommendations for the inexpensive nMedia
> cases.  I also don't need a graphical LCD display in the case, though a
> 2-line VFD/LCD display would be useful.  This case seems ideal for under
> US$100 (+ $25 for the LCD): http://www.nmediapc.com/htpc2000.htm
> I've looked for system builders who use this case, but none of the ones I
> found offer nVidia cards!

The Antec Fusion cases are popular around here - their sister cases,
the NSK2480 and NSK1480, are identical to the Fusion and Microfusion
respectively, but lack the LCD display, remote receiver and volume
knob. The MicroFusion requires low profile expansion cards, though,
which is a pain. I know Sparkle do have a low profile GT220, and
perhaps other manufacturers too.

- Chris

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