[mythtv-users] Ideas for MythMusic rewrite

EJS ejshoor at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 3 14:09:49 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 30 Dec 2009 12:53:59 Paul Harrison wrote: 
> We'll probably regret this but we would like your opinions :-) We are 
> in the process of switching MythMusic to MythUI and would like to take 
> the opportunity to make some much needed improvements to the interface. 

> We don't necessarily just want a list of feature requests, although 
> every idea will be considered, but also how they should be implemented, 
> what the interface should look like etc. If you can provide mock ups of 
> how it should look or links to images of how other players do things 
> then all the better. 

I know its not strictly UI related but some sort of integration with squeezecenter would be amazing. It would be a real step forward towards mythmusic being the centerpoint for a whole house audio solution. 

I've used mythsqueezebox which is pretty good and i've had luck with integrating squeezeplay, but an native solution would make the user experience really excellent.

Thanks again for all the hard work on this...



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