[mythtv-users] Mac Mini and Broadcom Crystal HD PCI Express mini-card

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Jan 1 04:53:11 UTC 2010

On Thursday 31 December 2009 09:45:59 pm Jarod Wilson wrote:

> Don't have a clue what the XtalHD is, and a quick google fails me... I
> keep entertaining the idea of getting a PCI VDPAU-capable card to play
> with in a few of my own oldish machines, which include a pair of PIII
> boxes that are mostly just collecting dust right now...
Hmmm, would have thought it was "Crystal" clear, "xtal" is the standard 
electronic schematic abbreviation for "crystal". So it's the Broadcom device 
we have been talking about. Sorry if it was too obscure, I'd guess googling 
for "xtal" would have shown it.

Your explanation of the proprietary firmware makes sense, it's just so sad that 
so may resources get wasted on DRM schemes.

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