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>It certainly seems like it should be. I know most of the liquid-cooling setups
include a cooler for the video card, but I'm not advocating liquid cooling
setups, unless your goal is to impress your gamer friends. Generally liquids
and electronics are a poor combination, if air cooling is adequate I see no
reason to move to anything else.

I've made a number of water cooled boxes now and learned a bit about what to do, what one can and what not to do.  I now cool the 
CPU, mbd chipset and Video Chip.

My goal has been quietness and reliability.  No gamer friend considerations from my perspective.  They generally have the default 
PSU fans and 2 x 120mm fans running @ 1000 rpm, could possibly cut one of those out however really no need.  The video cards run 
cooler which might explain why I can get 2x advanced fine on a 9400GT.

I can still hear them - when I listen hard with little background noise.  The room is a little quieter when turning one off.

The acid test is whether the Queen can detect the box running in the bedroom.

On the basis of sound she can not.  She could hear a HDD however I'm now using flash.

In summary a heck of a lot of effort for quiet and fast 3G C2D boxes that are effectively not limited by the CPU for anything I 
currently want to do and the Supreme being is also happily unaware when the box is on....(except the damned BIOS beeps on boot...now 
that I am thinking about that I could unplug the speaker....)  and even warming to the idea that there are some things she misses 
that she would really like to see....

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