[mythtv-users] Mythweb Slow to Render Program Detail Page as Selected From Recorded Programs page

Johnny Walker johnnyjboss at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 21:25:03 UTC 2010

> What does the system's free memory look like while you're doing this?
> -Johnny

> The system is basically at 90% idle all the time. I have looked a the
> mythbackend.log and there is nothing there that would suggest a problem. The
> system has 1GB of memory and 4GB of swap and there is nothing in top to show
> that memory is a problem anywhere.
> -- Mache

I had 2 Gigs of Ram in my backend and I was starting to swap to disk
when I used mythweb. I added 2 more gigs and now mythweb doesn't cause
me to swap out to disk. Using swap memory is much slower than actual
memory. The problem is compounded if you're running mysql-server,
Apache, mythbackend and the OS all on 1 physical hard drive.

Swap is slow - I would avoid using it if you can.


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