[mythtv-users] Recordings stay in database and on disk for some time after delete?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 17:33:39 UTC 2010

> Wow...I just deleted a bunch of shows (older episodes of The Dr. Oz
> Show) and the same thing is happening.  They disappear from the
> recorded programs when you delete them (in either the frontend or
> mythweb) but upon exiting and reentering the list they still show
> until the slow delete is actually finished.  I'm thinking about
> converting by recordings drive to ext4 and bagging the slow deletes
> once and for all, but I'd really like to know if this is how it works
> now.
> Am I the only one seeing this happen?
I have not used ext3 for my recordings for at least 4 years so I have
not had to use the slow deletes option. Since sometime in 2008 I had
begun moving my recordings from xfs to ext4 and now the datastorage
that I use daily is all ext4. I do not have any problems with ext4 and
it does not need the slow delete option.


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