[mythtv-users] Live TV channel restrictions

Ian Oliver lists at foxhill.co.uk
Thu Feb 25 13:08:07 UTC 2010

In article <F099565FA3274DD8A5CB113709DB6FFE at dp2000xp>, Tortise wrote:
> I think this "if" logic is flawed.  (I assume LiveTV needs a free
> dedicated tuner, not a shared Tuner, it should first hunt for a
> free tuner.

This logic seems to be exactly what my crusty old PVR does. For 
instance, if you have two recordings running on different MUXs, you can 
only go to channels that are on one of the muxes being recorded. So 
this PVR is clearly happy to have Live TV sharing a tuner with a 
recording, and to seamlessly switch to a different tuner when you 
chance channel. If you try and select a "no go" channel is says 
"Channel restricted by recordings" or something to that effect/

An assumption here is that the code is not setup to

> I suggest a useful perspective is that LiveTV is a different beast
> to a recording mux and they merit recognition of their 
> differences
> in their treatment.

I agree.

> A LiveTV Tuner is ideally locked to one tuner - why - because a Live
> user may want to choose any channel from any mux anytime.

I agree that the user might want to do that, but do they really need to 
understand or care that this might require the backend to pull the data 
from a different tuner? Does the user even need to know about tuners 
and muxes?

> The most efficient number of tuners one should
> ever want should be {[number of mux] + [number of LiveTV viewers]}

Only if Live TV demands exclusive use of a tuner. Hmmm, maybe we're 
using the word "tuner" to mean two different things?


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