[mythtv-users] Revo 1600 looks even better now

Mark Garland mythtvusers at markgarland.co.uk
Wed Feb 24 19:03:46 UTC 2010

Hi all,

In regards to the Revo debate, I am seriously considering one of these (or
building an ION based box).  I love the idea of just buying/building one,
installing the frontend, enabling VDPAU and away it goes - small, compact,
quiet etc.  It ticks a lot of boxes, especially if I can relocate my
combined FEBE and just had this small one in the living room on the network
as a FE.

However, I seem to get differing reports.  People like Greg seem to really
promote it, but I've also read other tales of stuttering, audio issues, and
it just not being quite up to the job (i.e. no Advanced 2x deinterlacer),
which has left me concerned.

For example, I've been watching R3610 - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/182588
(no affiliation) for a while and it's currently 189.99
And R3600 - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/167153 (no affiliation) which is
down to an amazing 129.92.

Would be good to get definitive answers as to whether
a) The single/double core revo is needed - this list would suggest single is
b) with the tv res @ 1920x1080, whether it can play SD MPEG2 (with Advanced
2x Deinterlacer)
c) with the tv res @ 1920x1080, whether it can play HD (with Advanced 2x
d) whether if I didn't have Advanced 2x Deinterlacer, I'd notice much of a

I'm concerned that if I buy one and it doesn't so what I'm after that I'd be
a bit stuck.
All information welcome,


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