[mythtv-users] Commercial Auto-Skip Frequently Ceases to Function

Aaron Mahler amahler at sbc.edu
Wed Feb 24 00:38:19 UTC 2010


  I've been building a MythTV box over the past week. Having it during the
Olympic coverage has been fantastic since we have a good, solid 1080i OTA
signal to work with.

  I've found commercial skipping to be dead-on reliable thus far and have
been using it with auto-skip enabled. A couple of times - including during
the program that I am watching as I write this - the auto-skip just stops

  The flags are there and are fine. I can manually skip back and forth
between the flags without flaw. It just won't auto-skip all of the sudden. I
even restarted mythfrontend and resumed where I left off... no go. Ads play
and will keep playing unless I hit the forward skip and it leaps to
precisely the end of the ad segment.

  I've not yet figured out what causes this spontaneous failure of
auto-skip, but was curious if others were experiencing it.

  I can confirm that auto-skip is turned on and, even right now as I watch a
program where it is failing, I can see that auto-skip is properly checked in
the menus.

  The only example I found with someone reporting this (almost a precise
match to my experience) can be found here:


   but nobody ever replied to him. That was last July.

Any thoughts?
 - Aaron

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