[mythtv-users] Disabling the internal player

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Tue Feb 23 19:54:17 UTC 2010

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 02:37:45PM -0500, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 02/23/2010 01:48 PM, jedi wrote:
> >On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 12:13:18PM -0500, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> >>On 02/23/2010 01:24 AM, mythusers wrote:
> >>>On Tue, 23 Feb 2010, Christopher Kerr wrote:
> >>>
> >>>>Not possible as far as I know, but what is it about the internal
> >>>>player that annoys you?
> >>>Oh it doesn't annoy me. I just don't like it - mostly because it's
> >>>not the player I've been using forever. I like consistency. I'm
> >>>not just talking about using it with MythTV - I've been using the
> >>>same player everywhere for ages. And still do on some machines
> >>>without a remote control, and I like that the 'keys' have the same
> >>>function.
> >>As Chris implied, the Internal player is designed to give you full
> >>access to /all/ capabilities of MythTV--ones which you'll be lacking
> >>if you use any other player.  With the Internal player, you have
> >>commercial skipping, OSD (including recording metadata, commercial
> >>skip information, Menu, ...), timestretch, ability to schedule a
> >>recording when you happen to see a commercial for a new show airing
> >>during the show you're watching, bookmarks, ...
> >>
> >>As far as the "keys" go, Utilities/Setup|Edit Keys.
> >>
> >>If you want a DVR that allows you to choose the player, then don't
> >>use MythTV:  http://freevo.sourceforge.net/ .  MythTV is designed as
> >    Until the internal player can play everything that the standalone
> >players can with all of the features enabled (like subtitles or CCs)
> >then this issue will keep coming up. Using an external player is a
> >practical necessity at this point. That tends to cause user confusion.
> He's talking about TV /recordings/ not random videos.  The Internal
> player works better for them than any external player.

    Well now that you put it like that you've reminded me that the internal
player has major problems with defects in recordings. Quite frequently I have 
OTA recordings that have a little bit of "digital snow". These tend to crash 
the internal player pretty much immediately. My external players are all much 
more able to deal with those sorts of flawed recordings.


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