[mythtv-users] Storage Group Disk Scheduler Options

Brian Fischer brianafischer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 01:31:43 UTC 2010

I am trying to obtain some clarification on Storage Groups in mythtv-setup.
After a search of the mailing list and google, no documentation has

In mythtv-setup -> Miscellaneous Settings -> File Management Settings ->
Storage Group Disk Scheduler there are three options:

1. Balanced Free Space
2. Balanced Disk I/O
3. Combination

Field Description: This setting controls how the Storage Group scheduling
code will balance new recordings across directories.  'Balanced Free Space'
is the recommended method for most users.

Under http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-9.html#storagegroups and
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Storage_Groups#Storage_Groups there is no mention
of these categories which leads me to believe this documentation is old.

Option #1 seems logical that the recording directory will be chosen based
upon the partition with the most amount of free space.

Option #2 cannot be assumed, but from the wiki:
MythTV will balance concurrent recordings across the available directories
in a Storage Group in order to spread out the file I/O load. MythTV will
prefer filesystems that are local to the backend over filesystems that are
remote until the local filesystem has 2 concurrent recordings active or
other equivalent I/O, then the next recording will go to the remote
filesystem. The balancing method is based purely on I/O, Myth does not try
to balance out disk space unless a filesystem is too low on free disk space
in which case it will not be used except as a last resort.

Option #3 does not seem to have any documentation at all on the internet.

Please provide your understanding of the above options and I will update the
wiki article to reflect this thread and further improve mythtv support and

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