[mythtv-users] How to output to Standard TV

Gavin Whitehead gavin at alabastercranium.demon.co.uk
Mon Feb 22 20:37:12 UTC 2010

Ian Oliver wrote:
> In article <4B7D9FC3.1090307 at alabastercranium.demon.co.uk>, Gavin 
> Whitehead wrote:
>> My concern is how to connect the HTPC to my Standard TV (Panasonic 
>> TX-28PL10).
> Welcome to a world of pain!
> Connecting composite is easy but quality is bad, s-video is better 
> quality but harder work, RGB is the best quality but there are no off-
> the-shelf solutions. Additional complexities are overscan and tearing 
> due to bad sync.
> As it happens, HDMI isn't plain sailing either. My TV wouldn't do 1:1 
> pixels via HDMI.
> VGA is easiest of the lot, but my ION chipset wouldn't pass through 
> EDID to X (though the nvidia utility can manage it!) so I had to hard-
> wire the 1360x768 resolution.
> The world desperately needs a plug-and-play way to connect media 
> devices to TVs.
> Ian
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I've found this card
    XFX GeForce® 9400 GT 1024MB DDR2 Standard <#>
    Model Number: PV-T94G-ZAH2

I think this will allow me to connect my Standard TV, and it's not too 
expensive (sub £50).

Anyon had any experience with this card and MythTV/Xubuntu?


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