[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend delay/freeze for about 2-3 minutes about 15-25 seconds after starting.

Rodd Clarkson rodd at clarkson.id.au
Sun Feb 21 22:41:30 UTC 2010

> When I first started on this project I used the latest
> MythBuntu to keep things simple while I learned.  At some
> point during my work with it, I did something, I don't know
> what, to cause the frontend to freeze for a few minutes
> shortly after start up.  The front end would become
> completely un responsive.  Then after about 2 minutes, the
> main screen would either disappear, leaving only the blue
> background of the MythCenter Wide template and then be
> replaced by the screen representing the MythGallery plugin
> or the MythGallery screen would be placed behind the main
> Myth Menu as though the main menu was transparent.  After
> another minute or so the screen would blank again and at
> that point the frontend would unfreeze and I could hit a key
> and the menus would come back and I could continue using the
> system as though nothing had happened.
> I didn't worry about this at the time because I never
> intended to stick with MythBuntu and new I would be
> switching the system over to Gentoo once I had enough
> competence with Myth to be comfortable.

I've had a similar problem with Fedora, but it seems to have resolved

one possible answer might be to run optimize_mythdb.pl.  For my fedora
box I run:

$ perl /usr/share/doc/mythtv-docs-0.22/contrib/maintenance/optimize_mythdb.pl

I'm only guessing at this, but it might help.  Otherwise I can't say
what stopped the behavior.


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