[mythtv-users] Jamu is not updating mythconverg

Stephen Tan stan at stanandliz.net
Sun Feb 21 15:14:27 UTC 2010

Hi All

I'm just in the process of settting up 0.22 and am trying to update
all my MythVideo metatdata using Jamu.

Things to note:

- Updating TV Series/IMDB from Mythvideo DOES work.
- Jamu does not throw up any errors and appears to work
- I'm sure the config file set correctly - ie NOT in simulation mode

The problem which I can't get my head around is the fact that Jamu
runs correctly and appears to update the mythconverg database. It even
downloads all the image files correctly. However, upon inspecting the
videometadata table on mythconverg, none of the metatdata is actually
changed or updated.

There are no error in the output at all, even when I run Jamu in debug mode.

Some truncated outuput below for a reference with regard to an example
of a Battlestar Galactica episode:

Number of Myth database updates......(  505)
Number of undersized posters ........(    0)

--------------Updated Video Files----------

etc.... so Jamu say that it's updated the db OK.

However,  Battlestar Galactica record in mythconverg still reads:

mysql> select * from videometadata where subtitle="Sometimes A Great Notion"\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
      intid: 1145
      title: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
   subtitle: Sometimes A Great Notion
   director: Unknown
       plot: None
     rating: NR
    inetref: 00000000
       year: 1895
 userrating: 0
     length: 0
     season: 4
    episode: 11
  showlevel: 1
   filename: /mnt/store/videos/TV/Battlestar Galactica/Season
    childid: -1
     browse: 1
    watched: 0
playcommand: NULL
   category: 0
 insertdate: 2010-02-20 23:40:08
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Can someone tell me what I need to check in order get a handle on
this? My issue is that no error is returned so I don't know where to
As I've stated before, doing a manual metatdata check works fine but I
don't want to have to do this for about 1000 episodes! I also want to
be able to automate the process.


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