[mythtv-users] Comcast Digital transition Denver

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Feb 20 14:45:51 UTC 2010

On Friday 19 February 2010 07:15:00 pm Calvin Dodge wrote:
> We just got the Comcast letter today (in Lakewood, Colorado, which is
> just west of Denver).
> I love their use of the phrase "enhance" as a euphemism for "increase
> the cost" (we have 3 TVs in addition to MythTV recorders). This
> eliminates one financial advantage Comcast had over Dish and DirecTV
> (their need for set-top boxes).

You must have read that letter wrong, it's their revenue that they are going 
to "enhance".

Are they going to give you a minimal number (1 or 2) boxes for "free"?

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