[mythtv-users] AVerMedia HD-PVR competitor

Steve Harrington mythlist at the-harringtons.org
Tue Feb 16 16:32:31 UTC 2010

jedi wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 04:35:41PM -0500, Raymond Wagner wrote:
>> On 1/20/2010 16:28, Nick Rout wrote:
>>> I would be surprised at a device that could so blatantly record hdmi
>>> (as stated by engadget) - the copyright industry would have a blue
>>> fit. I suspect that the truth is "record from component, playback to
>>> hdmi".
>> There's absolutely nothing wrong with recording from HDMI.
>> Blackmagic makes a PCIe card that does just that.  They're just not
>> allowed to decrypt HDCP, which would make such a capability
>> worthless for MythTV.
> ...it would make the device worthless in general. Everything just about
> everyone wants to record is tied up in that HDCP nonsense. The whole point
> of these devices is to bypass all of that buy using an interface that doesn't
> support any of it.
> HDCP enforcement would make this device just as useless on MCE or Sage.
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Some more info on the device:

- Confirmed no 5.1
- HDMI is for output only (why bother?)
- IR blaster
- April release date
- Hardware encoding

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