[mythtv-users] I need to reinstall my backend

Ian Oliver lists at foxhill.co.uk
Sat Feb 13 17:57:59 UTC 2010

In article <4B71C5D7.6090308 at thirdcontact.com>, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> There have been a few updates to the backup/restore scripts in trunk 
> that aren't in the -fixes version, so you might want to download the 
> newer versions (see 
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_Backup_and_Restore for details on 
> how to download them).

Thanks, re-install done, mythconverg restored, recordings all back in 
place, and everything set up more or less how I want it.

I've also now got the recordings on an external 1TB eSATA 3.5" 7200rpm 
drive rather then the 2.5" internal one, which should give more 
headroom. Dunno whether to leave live TV on the internal - guess I need 
to play around a bit.


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