[mythtv-users] MythTV 0.23 - Problems with Arclight and Graphite

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Feb 12 06:49:47 UTC 2010

On 02/11/2010 08:13 PM, Rajesh Balan wrote:
> On 12-Feb-10 1:15 AM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 02/11/2010 05:02 AM, Rajesh Balan wrote:
>>> I'm trying 0.23 (latest svn version r23532) and the various themes. 
>>> I have the following problem with both Arclight and Graphite
>>> when I click on "Watch Recordings" (mythcenter layout), the 
>>> recordings are shown but the loading bar never goes away. and none 
>>> of the keypresses work. so I can't actually watch anything.  The 
>>> same thing happens on  the new "Search Internet Video" link. The 
>>> loading bar never goes away. I've waited up to 5 mins for the 
>>> loading bar to go away.
>>> I've turned on all the debugging using -v all   and I can't see what 
>>> the theme is blocking on. I used strace and that showed nothing as 
>>> well.
>>> I then started removing things from recording-ui.xml (for Arclight). 
>>> If I remove the file completely, the default ugly view shows up, but 
>>> it works. the loading screen pops up for a bit and then goes away. 
>>> with the Arclight recording-ui.xml, the loading screen never goes 
>>> away. I tried excising little chunks inside recording-ui.xml to see 
>>> which bits were causing the problem, but I did not get anything 
>>> definitive. If I remove enough that the nice layout is destroyed, it 
>>> works. But I could not find something that worked with the nice layout.
>>> I've tested the Metullagy, blue-abstract-wide, childish, and Terra 
>>> themes and they work fine. The loading screen pops up for a bit, 
>>> then goes away.
>> Based on one other report, you may see that all works perfectly when 
>> you downgrade your kernel (I'm guessing you're on a /very/ new kernel).
> The kernel is not that new. it's 2.6.30. so about 3 months old.
> I can't use 2.6.32 as it has issues with lirc at the moment.

At this point, there's no fix for it.  You'll just have to wait, or do 
something else to change the timing on your system.

It should be more stable when it really is 0.23 (and not, as it is now, 
unstable development in trunk).


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