[mythtv-users] Legibility from the sofa

Andre Newman mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Thu Feb 11 10:33:46 UTC 2010

On 11 Feb 2010, at 09:53, MythTV wrote:

>> In article <19315.11894.433921.888438 at dobie.ylee.org>, Yeechang Lee
>> wrote:
>>> it seems like most themes are designed by people who sit much
>>> closer to the screen and us and so don't need a true "10 feet
>>> interface.
>> I tried a few different themes, and all do the "three columns" in the
>> video view - is this hard-wired?
>> Ian
> Do you want *more* columns or less?
> I have the reverse problem.  I have a little 50" panel, can can't seem
> to get the fonts small enough, or enough detail on the screen, even from
> 10ft.  It actually looks pretty awkward.
> We need a theme designed for large displays which doesn't assume all
> fonts
> are unreadably small or blurred.

Funny you should say that, I'm thinking I should start on a theme for the home cinema crowd, none of the current themes work that well on big screens they all seem to be aimed at <40" with a big overscan. I'll be interested to see what the competition brings but I haven't seen anything yet that strays from big text, very few columns and rows and big fonts. I've got far enough into MythUI to know that more is possible but everyone seems to use the same 5 channel 2 hour EPG view!

Shame I didn't have this thought earlier I might have won the competition by coming up with something actually different ;-) not enough time to learn the UI and make a theme before the weekend sadly.

I'm surprised by the OP, I thought ALL the current themes were aimed at small screens, with huge fonts, made to be read from across the street!

I find there is so little info presented in the EPG (the same as almost all the STB EPGs) that I go find a laptop and use MythWeb if I want to schedule something.


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