[mythtv-users] MythTV 0.23 - Problems with Arclight and Graphite

Rajesh Balan rajesh at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Feb 11 10:02:11 UTC 2010


I'm trying 0.23 (latest svn version r23532) and the various themes. I 
have the following problem with both Arclight and Graphite

when I click on "Watch Recordings" (mythcenter layout), the recordings 
are shown but the loading bar never goes away. and none of the 
keypresses work. so I can't actually watch anything.  The same thing 
happens on  the new "Search Internet Video" link. The loading bar never 
goes away. I've waited up to 5 mins for the loading bar to go away.

I've turned on all the debugging using -v all   and I can't see what the 
theme is blocking on. I used strace and that showed nothing as well.

I then started removing things from recording-ui.xml (for Arclight). If 
I remove the file completely, the default ugly view shows up, but it 
works. the loading screen pops up for a bit and then goes away. with the 
Arclight recording-ui.xml, the loading screen never goes away. I tried 
excising little chunks inside recording-ui.xml to see which bits were 
causing the problem, but I did not get anything definitive. If I remove 
enough that the nice layout is destroyed, it works. But I could not find 
something that worked with the nice layout.

I've tested the Metullagy, blue-abstract-wide, childish, and Terra 
themes and they work fine. The loading screen pops up for a bit, then 
goes away.


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