[mythtv-users] Legibility from the sofa

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Feb 10 19:02:46 UTC 2010

Ian Oliver wrote:
> I'm struggling to find a compromise between getting a font size large 
> enough to see from the sofa, and not making it so large that we lose 
> the end of programme names and can't tell which episode we're choosing.
> I'm currently using the mythbuntu widescreen theme.
> We have exclusively 1366x768 TVs.
> I have made the font sizes 10, 12 and 16 but then done a boost of 30%.
> I don't recall what I set DPI to, but can check.
> Anyway, whatever I've done it isn't working!
> The main problem is the "Watch Videos" screen with the three columns. 
> This wastes loads of width, and the text is small no matter what I do.
> Help! What can people recommend? What's the best "12 foot" 
> configuration?
> We quite like the mythbuntu theme, but if we either can't read it, or 
> lose the end of programme names, then it will have to change.
You need a bigger TV?


Mike Perkins

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