[mythtv-users] I need to reinstall my backend

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Feb 10 15:52:28 UTC 2010

Ian Oliver wrote:
> In article <4B71C5D7.6090308 at thirdcontact.com>, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> Mainly just remember that the backup is only a backup of the database 
>> data--you'll need to ensure you handle the upgrade/reinstall such that 
>> all recordings files stay intact.
> My plan was -
> 1) Stop backend.
> 2) Copy everything in /var/lib/mythtv to an external disk.
> 3) Backup mysql database to the same disk (and somewhere else!)
> 4) Reinstall mythbuntu from scratch.
> 5) Stop backend again, restore database backup.
> 6) Reconfigure backend to use recordings on external disk. Or may restore 
> them initially and then migrate to storage groups.
>> The updates are mainly additional safety checks 
>> to prevent problems caused when users forgot steps or whatever (so 
>> they're good for ensuring you do things right).
> OK, sounds good. Thought the backup/restore seemed straight forwards - 
> what steps were people missing?
Small things, of course. Forgetting to fix up ntpd again so it pointed to my 
firewall. You're keeping your /home partition, yes? Then you don't have to worry 
about config.xml or mysql.txt disappearing. Setting up logrotate to zip up and 
manage mythtv logs. Hosts file. Making sure backup directories/jobs are in 
place... that sort of stuff, that lives in /etc and gets blown away when you 


Mike Perkins

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