[mythtv-users] Detecting a partially corrupt database - 0.21 -> 0.22 upgrade

Dale Pontius DEPontius at edgehp.net
Wed Feb 10 01:14:21 UTC 2010

There have been instructions about how to fix database with latin1/utf8
"corruption", as part of an upgrade from 0.21 to 0.22.  There are also
instructions for how to handle "partial corruption", which involves
throwing away quite a bit of information.

How does one detect partial corruption?

The only way I can infer so far is to do the "fully corrupt" database
fix, then try the 0.21 -> 0.22 upgrade, and pray.  If it fails,
downgrade back to 0.21, use a backup and try the "partially corrupt"
database fix, then try the upgrade again and pray some more.  If that
fails, kiss a few hundred Gig of recorded TV goodbye.  Start over.

I'm running Gentoo, so I've tweaked my.cnf from utf8 to latin1 - several
times, because several times it's gone back to utf8.  I've had 1 Gentoo
backend, multiple Gentoo frontends, and 1 Ubuntu frontend connected at
various times.  I don't even know the state of my.cnf on the Ubuntu
machine, since it's with my daughter at school.

For these reasons, I think I'm in trouble, but I don't know how much,
and I don't know how to find out, other than to spend a whole pile of
time going back and forth.

I dump my database daily, bzip2 it, and rotate 7 of them.  I've gone in
looking at it to discover stuff, primarily setup information.  Is there
something I can look for in the database dump that will give me some
sort of answer as to whether I have partial corruption?

Dale Pontius

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