[mythtv-users] Possible to display up-coming and missed recordings in watch recordings lists?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Feb 9 19:30:03 UTC 2010

On 02/09/2010 07:35 AM, Chris Pinkham wrote:
> * On Tue Feb 09, 2010 at 11:21:14AM +0000, Mike Perkins wrote:
>> Actually, I'm not sure if it is possible at all to show you a recording
>> that has been missed, other than finding a zero-byte file in mythweb.
>> Once the time for a recording has been passed, the scheduler loses all
>> interest. This means that determining what /should/ have been recorded last
>> night depends entirely on one's memory... someone correct me if I'm wrong.
> You're wrong. :)  MythTV keeps track of all shows you asked it to record
> but it didn't for some reason.  If you're using he default menu theme,
> go to "Manage Recordings ->  Previously Recorded".  It even shows you why
> it didn't record a show, "previously recorded", etc..

Right.  Though note that MythTV keeps information for showings that 
/were/ recorded as well as showings that the user marked as "Never 
Record" forever***.  However, it keeps information on other showings 
(conflicts, failed recordings, tuner busy, don't record overrides, 
earlier showing, later showing, ...) only for 10 days.


***Technically, if the user marked the showing as "Never Record," but 
then something (not Myth) changed the record so that it wasn't used for 
duplicate matching, it would be deleted (as a "Never Record" that 
doesn't apply for duplicate matching has no purpose).  Similarly, if 
something (not Myth) changed records for showings with other statuses so 
that they applied for duplicate matching, they would be kept forever (or 
until their duplicate matching status was changed--whichever comes first).

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