[mythtv-users] No sound after BIOS wakeup

Matt Jameson mattj146 at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 9 15:28:08 UTC 2010

Hi all

I have been looking to use Myth for nearly 2 years now but have only just
gotten the chance to get it up and running and I love it!  I'm only running
it on a test setup at the moment but will be getting some dedicated hardware
soon (already ditched the $ky box).

I have managed to get most aspects working really well (which was much
easier than I thought it would be) but there are a few issues remaining.

I started with one DVB-S2 card, and quickly added a second but then the
sound output disappeared.  I did some Googling and in the end I created a
.asoundrc file specifying the digital output as default which seemed to
work, but when the PC has been started by myth/BIOS wakeup for a scheduled
recording, there is no sound output again neither in myth or from the
desktop.  I checked the .asoundrc file and it was still there, but alsamixer
showed one of the DVB cards as the sound device and only one volume
control.  I restarted alsa-utils (hoping the .asoundrc would be read again)
but it made no difference.  In the end only a complete shutdown and cold
start fixed it.  Any ideas? I expect it's an easy fix I'm just not seeing...

I will start threads on the other problems so your help would be



My setup: Combined FE/BE: MythTV 0.22-fixes/Core2Duo 1.76GHz/2GB RAM/1.32TB
HDD/nVidia 9400GT w VDPAU/2xHauppauge WINTV NOVA DVB-S2/Sony STR-DA2400ES
amp/Sony 40" Bravia/Freesat, UK
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