[mythtv-users] Planning Tuners and Disk I/O for a MythTV Backend System

Ian Oliver lists at foxhill.co.uk
Tue Feb 9 10:42:18 UTC 2010

In article <8e8b35e41002060534w5ae22710l75450e1d5c92640c at mail.gmail.com>, 
Dennis Cartier wrote:
> What I have found to be key, is as Raymond says, use a capture method that
> only has to record the stream (E.g HD Homerun) and use a file system that
> can handle huge files adeptly and can be defragged easily (XFS with 500MB
> preallocation and nightly online defrag). Also placing the recordings on
> dedicated drives (not the OS drive) and sending the commercial flagging off
> to a brawnier system also helped keep things running smooth.

I'm currently recording UK DVB-T to my OS drive, but want to attach a 1TB 
external drive via SATA ASAP. Thanks for the tip regards XFS.

Am I better just copying existing stuff to the drive and mounting it where 
the recordings currently are, or is trying to figure out storage groups 


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