[mythtv-users] Planning Tuners and Disk I/O for a MythTVBackend System

MythTV mythtv at ncc1701.serveftp.net
Tue Feb 9 07:16:50 UTC 2010

> So in order to clean up my storage issues, I think I would probably
> want
> to have it set up like this, and used balanced IO in MythTV for
> recordings:
> /dev/sda (first internal disk) - 500.1GB SATA  ~73 MB/s disk reads
>     sda1, 60GB, mount point /, Ext3
>     sda2, 400GB, mount point /recordings, XFS
> /dev/sdb (second internal disk) - 500.1GB SATA  ~73 MB/s disk reads
>     sdb1, 4GB, swap space
>     sdb2, 56GB, mount point /livetv, XFS
>     sdb3, 400GB, mount point /recordings2, XFS
> /dev/sdc (USB 2.0 - 500.1GB External drive) ~31 MB/s disk reads
>     sdc1, 400GB, mount point /media/disk, FAT32 ***
>     sdc2, 60GB, mount point /datashare, FAT32

Opinions vary on this topic, but on a single disk, breaking it into
partitions increases seek time significantly.

For example, /dev/sdb2 = livetv and /dev/sdb3 = recordings..

If you watch live tv WHILE recording, the disk head will need to seek
one extreme to another.

Keep the minimum number of partitions, one per disk if at all possible.

Use multiple disks, or directories within a partition to separate

BTW, Why do you separate LIVE TV from RECORDINGS?  I treat them as the
thing, because fundamentally they are.

Recorded Live TV wont 'get in the way' of scheduled recordings because
will aggressively expire them.

That'll be 2c.


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