[mythtv-users] PVR-350 no signal?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Feb 8 21:28:03 UTC 2010

On Monday 08 February 2010 02:14:32 pm Corne Beerse wrote:

> Scart is not limited to pal, it is just limited in video bandwidth to
> that of the pal/secam/ntsc time. It no-where tells you to run
> pal-encoded video. My video-recorder could do ntsc without any problem
> and the tv-set automatically switched too.
> Hence let's call it limited to standard-definition.

Since PAL has a higher resolution than NTSC, I said "limited to PAL 
resolutions", as it means essentially the same thing.

> > My knowledge of SCART is limited to what I have read here, since I've
> > never worked on anything but USA systems.
> Poor you. Here in Europe, it is much better ;-), we always had a better
> resolution, we got a better color system... (no offence, just tossing
> stones in the water :-)

I won't argue with that, PAL is a far better system than NTSC.

SECAM is another story, ever tried to edit it? I understand that the SECAM 
stations actually used PAL in-house, and converted to SECAM just before the 

And what the heck is a "Bottle Generator" ;-)

> > We used to have some PYE-TVT (UK-built) transmitters, whose exciters had
> > SCART connectors, but I never used them or paid any attention to them, we
> > just sent composite video into the BNC connectors and audio into the A3F
> > ("canon", "XLR" or "QG") connectors. Those rigs are now presumably part
> > of the WTC debris at Fresh Kills.
> well, the uk is not europe, its something strange in the middle: They
> donnot speak an european language, they drive at the wrong side of the
> road, their TV transmissions donnot interconnect (either picture or
> sound, never both)... (just something in the water to toss the rocks at :-)

One time the factory tech was at the WTC, crawling around in the final cage. He 
reached back his hand and asked me "would you hand me a torch"? This caused me 
to worry a lot about what he might want to be doing with a flame-producing 

Actually, at the WTC you needed what they called a "burning permit" to use an 
open flame for any purpose (there was a special exception for "smoking 

Of course he meant what us yanks call a flashlight.

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