[mythtv-users] Planning Tuners and Disk I/O for a MythTVBackend System

Jim Beckett beckett.jim at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 20:47:31 UTC 2010

Josh White wrote:
> I have a backend/frontend running Ubuntu 9.10, and the response of the 
> system would get quite sluggish after running a while.  I found ghat 
> setting "swappiness = 0" made a major difference (google "swappiness" 
> for specifics).  Now my backend never uses swap unless it absolutly 
> needs to.    My machine has 4GB of ram, so your results may vary.  My 
> machine generally uses 1.8gb of ram for programs, and the rest for 
> cache (I only have 3.6gb of my 4.0gb available; my onboard video uses 
> the rest) 
> Good luck

Thanks for bringing swappiness up.

I would probably have never encountered that, and I know I would have 
never tried to find it by name.

I haven't noticed the system using swap to speak of, but I expect I'll 
play around with it anyway.

- Jim

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