[mythtv-users] PVR-350 no signal?

Corne Beerse cbeerse at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 19:37:25 UTC 2010

Brian Wood schreef:
> On Monday 08 February 2010 06:16:27 am mythtv at splmail.nl wrote:
>> Situation 2 it is! The cable company still broadcasts analog tv. So I plug
>> in the "coax" (composite?) cable direct on the PVR-350. And indeed, using
>> cat /dev/vdieo0 > test.mpg I am able to record video.
> Coax is an RF input, "composite" is baseband video, usually using an RCA 
> connector here in the USA, but I've heard tell of SCART in the EU :-)

Scart is the same signallling as tulip/composit. Its just that the 
signal is pal (as it should be around the world ;-)
>> In MythTV backend I've defined an input called "cable". What shoud be the
>> rest of the settings here (e.g. "EIT" or "no grabber")? I've tried both
>> without luck, but I guess I'm missing something here?!
> There won't be any EIT on analog channels, and I'd think you would need some 
> sort of listings grabber, probably XMLTV from some source, but I'm not aware 
> of what listings sources might be available in your neck of the woods. Us 
> yanks are spoiled by Schedules Direct.
> So I would expect both EIT and "No Grabber" to not work.
Well, as far as I know, 'No Grabber' works out of the box by design. It 
does what it says it does: not grabbing and that without any errors or 
other problems.

> Anyone in or near the Netherlands here? Who might know what grabber would 
> work?
Yep, I got it working since a couple of year: 'xmltv' is the start 
point, you need that. The other one is  a search on 'tv_grab_nl' which 
will bring you most likely to 'tv_grab_nl_py at pwdebruin.net'. There is a 
rough manual to get it going.

sorry, do this by head, need to digg in for details...


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