[mythtv-users] Cannot play imported DVD

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Mon Feb 8 02:52:13 UTC 2010

EJS wrote:
>> --- On Mon, 1/25/10, EJS wrote:
>>> Would anyone know why I cannot play an ISO that I
>>> imported?  The DVD itself played fine, but when I try
>>> to play the ISO through mythvideo, mythfrontend crashes. All
>>> of the other ISOs I have imported seem to play fine.
>> No ideas?  Well in an attempt to troubleshoot the problem I 
>> compared the logs when playing from the ISO vs playing directly
>> from the DVD. Here are parts that are different. Still not sure 
>> what to do about it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
> Well I haven't had any luck sorting this one out, so I thought i would try to ask for help one more time. The movie seems to play fine in mplayer; so I think it is a problem with the player rather than the import. I turned verbose logging on and tried to play it again.  The results are below. Anyone have any ideas?
I can't help you there, but I've found that some DVDs have really, 
really bizarre encoding.  I've got one now that will reliably crash 
mencoder with kenrdeint for deinterlacer, but will barely encode with 
pullup, with tons of duplicate frames.  Normally that's a sign of frame 
rate being off, but not in this case.  It's just a really, really bad 

So it may just be the encoding on the DVD.  What does mplayer -identify say?

Also, try mencoder to transcode it; it may be the best alternative.



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