[mythtv-users] DroboShare and HD Question

Gerald Brandt gbr at majentis.com
Mon Feb 8 02:30:32 UTC 2010

> > 
> > You should still be able to force it to rebuild. If you can figure out 
> > what drive is bad you can duplicate the bad drive (using dd rescue) to 
> > a new drive then rebuild with that. 
> > 
> Also with 97.5% rebuild you should be able to force the array to 
> assemble giving you back access to your data up to the 97.5% mark 
> where you will have a corrupt filesystem. 

I thought of that, but I had to keep the WAF up. I've been intermittantly down for 3 days, and that ain't good. The array is up now in degraded mode, and copying data over to the Drobo... slowly. 


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