[mythtv-users] OT: Very slow EPG guide - movement, etc (XMLTV source, 66 channels)

David Kubicek foceni at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 21:44:27 UTC 2010

On 02/07/2010 08:41 PM, Yeechang Lee wrote:
> David Kubicek<foceni at gmail.com>  says:
>> In fact, it's not odd at all if you notice that the progressive
>> deterioration of performance is based purely on increasing amount of
>> available EPG data. Perhaps most people don't use such abundant sources
>> or don't see so many days ahead (I have 13 days)
> 13 days is hardly unusual; anyone in North America using
> SchedulesDirect has that much. Neither is 66 channels; my San
> Francisco cable provider offers me a few multiples of that number,
> plus more from over-the-air (although many overlap with cable
> counterparts).
> You mention using a (Custom?) "extremely detailed XMLTV grabber," but
> the variety of details you list:
>      long descriptions, sub-titles, ep info, complete credits,
>      premiere/last-showing, icon URL's, rating, years, dates,
>      categories, etc
> is, again, nothing unusual for any SchedulesDirect user.


I'm sorry, but you seem to misunderstand what that was about. It's not a 
contest really, I was merely describing my situation in as much detail 
as possible. It sometimes helps, you know?

If I watched all 1500 channels I can tune with my basic setup, I 
wouldn't do anything else. Even these 66 hand-picked channels are much 
more than I can use. As for SchedulesDirect, I know them quite well, 
they were an inspiration for my new grabber. Not enough info for my 
taste though, sorry. :) The mentioned details naturally meant the 
volume, not the variety of XML elements. But next time, I'll try to 
recite the *complete* subset of implemented XMLTV DTD for you.

There isn't anything like SchedulesDirect in my area. All grabbers are 
pitiful. Maybe when you finish your own multi-threaded HTML parser able 
to dig up the tiniest bit of information from regular human-readable TV 
sites using complex algorithms, data structures and logic, you'll also 
have a special place for it in your heart. But then again, maybe not. I do.

PS: I especially enjoyed your enquiry about my family's recording 
habits. When you understand the fundamental difference between Program 
Finder approach and Listings approach, feel free to truly rid the world 
of us bizarro viewers.


Again, icons helped and everything is super fast again. Thanks to all 
with helpful and constructive suggestions! See you,

David Kubicek

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