[mythtv-users] mythtv with dlna devices like tv-sets

Corne Beerse cbeerse at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 13:42:47 UTC 2010

Corne Beerse schreef:
> Hello,
> As a long time mythtv user (however a fresh maillist member) I was 
> happy to see my new TV set has a network connection and a dlna label. 
> As I found out, dlna has something to do with upnp what mythtv 
> supplies. Hence I hooked up my TV set and was happy to see the mythtv 
> machine on the network, so far so good. Just out of the box, it even 
> went as far as showing recordings, that is, as a directory listing or 
> such. Even the pictures I had inserted into the foto viewer in mythtv, 
> show on tv.
> Unfortunatly, there is no watching the recordings, the TV set came 
> with the error 'File Not Supported'. As far as I'm now, I think of 
> reasons for this:
>     * The recording is published with a bad name and/or extention.
>     * The recording is effectively in a bad format.
> My recordings come from a pinacle pvr 500 analogue tv capture card 
> that makes it mpeg2. I have dumped some recordings raw from the mythtv 
> directories to an usb device. This was not accepted byt the tv-set 
> either. However, after changing the extention to 'mpg', the recording 
> sowed.
> Hence my question: Can I change the extention of the recording to 
> 'mpg' using mythtv in such a way that mythtv also publishes this name 
> on the network?
I've done some debugging, mainly using an mswindows machine with a share 
that magically also showed up in the TV. There, I found the share that 
is shown on the tv in which I dumped some movies of a known format.

Start: get the file VTS_01_0.VOB from a myth-archive dvd and dump it 
there. This file is known to be mpeg2. This was a no-show.
Then I changed the extension to: mpg, mpeg, avi. As the extension was 
not shown, I also changed the name to find what name was which 
extension. It appeared 'file.mpg' worked! The movie showed!

Final test: Copy a recording from /var/lib/mythtv/recordings/. In there 
the recordings already have the mpg extention. Copied that to the share 
'et presto'. These movies, the raw recordings from the haupauge pvr show 
as they should.

Hence, my question on the myth-upnp server, what extension does it use 
in the shared recordings? Can I change that without hacking the source?



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