[mythtv-users] Trashed file system after "Video frame buffering failed too many times"

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Fri Feb 5 18:42:54 UTC 2010

Ross Campbell wrote:

> Never underestimate the possibility that you have hit a BATCH of bad
> hard disks. Hard disks fail.
> Now, are you doing anything to help them fail faster? What does
> smartmontools say for your hard drive state? How many hard drives?
> What's hdd temp? Does your system have adequate ventilation? Is all of
> your recording I/O going to OS disk? Are you leaving liveTV on weeks
> on end and beating up the hard drive(s) with the live tv buffer? Did
> you pack your system full of hard drives, and reduce fan speed to
> reduce noise?
> Have you run memtest86 to verify that the issue isn't bad RAM? Failing
> ram does all sorts of weird things.

Hi Ross,
The points you make I regard as basic troubleshooting and had therefore 
eliminated before posting here.

I had not done a memtest86 but have done so now. There is nothing to 
indicate anything amiss.

The HDDs were different makes. In any case they have subsequently 
checked out to be OK.


The GuiGuy

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