[mythtv-users] myth & screen saver/screen power management

Kevin Ross kevin at familyross.net
Thu Feb 4 22:40:58 UTC 2010

> If you start mythfrontend before the screensaver is fully started
> (something I would imagine is easy to do in a "Please wait while I load
> everything and the kitchen sink" desktop environment like GNOME),
> MythTV
> will find that no screensaver is running when it starts and will not
> attempt to manage the screensaver.  You may just need to put a sleep
> into your mythfrontend start script.

I looked into the relevant part of screensaver-x11.cpp:

  m_xscreensaverRunning =
          myth_system("xscreensaver-command -version >&- 2>&-") == 0;
  m_gscreensaverRunning =
          myth_system("gnome-screensaver-command --help >&- 2>&-") == 0;

  if (IsScreenSaverRunning())
      m_resetTimer = new QTimer(outer);
      QObject::connect(m_resetTimer, SIGNAL(timeout()),
                       outer, SLOT(resetSlot()));
      if (m_xscreensaverRunning)
          VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL, LOC + "XScreenSaver support enabled");
      if (m_gscreensaverRunning)
          VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL, LOC + "Gnome screen saver support enabled");

I tried running "gnome-screensaver-command --help" both with and without
"gnome-screensaver" running, and it returns 0 in both cases.  So I don't
think gnome-screensaver needs to be running first, just installed.

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