[mythtv-users] Wireless Bridges and "Thinking it's wired"

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Feb 4 20:33:20 UTC 2010

On Thursday 04 February 2010 01:12:38 pm David Brodbeck wrote:
> On Feb 4, 2010, at 11:28 AM, Brian Wood wrote:
> > I was only thinking about WiFi encryption, but I hadn't thought
> > about SSL
> > sites and the like, you're right though, those would probably be
> > prohibited.
> > Even SSH would probably be out.
> I've heard of some IP-over-packet sites using SSH, hacked to not
> encrypt content but to still do public key authentication.  I thought
> that was pretty clever because it allowed running an unencrypted link,
> in compliance with FCC rules, without ever sending passwords in
> cleartext.
> > Many people use amateur radio for work, or at least "at" work,
> > though I think
> > it's technically a "pecuniary interest" and would be prohibited.
> My understanding is there's nothing that says you can't use it *at*
> work, but using it to pass messages on *behalf of your employer* would
> be a no-no.  So, say, a trucker could use it to chat with his buddies
> but not to ask where to pick up his next load.  The idea is to keep
> businesses from using the amateur bands as an alternative to business-
> band services like BRS and GMRS.
> The FCC has repeatedly refused to clarify this rule -- they clearly
> want people to think of the spirit of the rule, instead of having to
> provide lists of OK and prohibited situations that people might search
> for loopholes.

It's a very gray area. We used to use 440 Mhz. handi-talkies to talk to each 
other while at work, but inevitably work-related topics came up. Most of these 
portables were set up to also operate on commercial frequencies, also possibly 
improper, the gear not being type-accepted for such use.

We also had amateur repeaters installed on company property (at the WTC no 

The whole matter was just so confusing that we simply implemented a "no ham 
gear at work" rule, which was probably too heavy-handed, but safe.

I think using amateur frequencies for anything Myth-related is probably just 
not a good idea, but I still drool thinking about all that spectrum...

I'd guess a lot of legitimate uses are passed up, "just playing it safe", 
which is probably what the Commission wants.


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