[mythtv-users] Record only HD or prefer HD over SD

Christian Szpilfogel chrisznews4 at rogers.com
Thu Feb 4 19:35:45 UTC 2010

Yeechang Lee wrote:
> Christian Szpilfogel <chrisznews4 at rogers.com> says:
>>> Since I want the same thing Christian asked for--the scheduler
>>> choosing the HD version of a program if available--I thus give
>>> HBOHDP and other HD channels a higher priority than for others,
>>> and also bump up Recording Priorities|HDTV Recording Priority two
>>> notches. This has worked very nicely for my 4+ years using
>>> MythTV. If there is a better way of achieving my goal, I'd love to
>>> hear it.
>> But this will only work if you can guarantee or manage it so that HD 
>> variant will show up first or simultaneously.
> No; the scheduler sees that an HD version of the program will be
> available in the next two weeks and waits for that. That's exactly
> what I want it to do. If there is no HD version, the scheduler will of
> course record the first (SD) airing it can find.
Indeed it does! When I read the documentation and how-to, it was not 
obvious to me that that was how it worked. But I just tried it earlier 
today as what you and Mike were saying began to sink in.
> Yes, as Mike Dean warns, this runs the risk that between the first
> airing of the SD version of a program, and the HD airing, the schedule
> will change, causing the HD version to not get recorded since it's no
> longer there. I don't have an issue with that 99% of the time; unless
> it's TCM, Cartoon Network, or some other channel for which I don't
> have an alternative, I am not interested in SD programs. 
I understand this and it meets my minimum needs which keeps things 
simple for the rest of the family.

Thanks to you, Mike, and Ben for your answers and to the others who also 
contributed ideas.

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