[mythtv-users] MythWeb - Recording Forever

Mark Garland mythtvusers at markgarland.co.uk
Thu Feb 4 17:04:52 UTC 2010

> How many cards and simultaneous recordings are you using? Does
> mythfrontend's Watch Recordings screen show the correct status for
> your recordings?

Hi Nick,

Sorry - I should have provided *many* more details than in my last email.

I'm running 0.22.0+fixes22594-0ubuntu1 from the Ubuntu repositories.  I have
3 DVB Freeview tuner cards in the UK, and they often record simultaneously
without issues.

As it stands right now, I have "The Politics Show" which was set to record
at midday last Sunday.  If honest, I doubt too many things would have also
been recorded from that time (perhaps a little LiveTV).  
MythWeb's Upcoming Recordings page still has the programme as "Currently
The "Backend Status" page of MythWeb tells me that the tuner is idle.

On the Frontend, "Upcoming Recordings (Scheduled Recordings)" makes no
mention of this recording.
If I go into the "Watch Recordings" screen, the programme appears fully
recorded (i.e. not appearing a different colour like in-progress recordings
do) and I can watch the whole programme so I know that it finished recording
at the right time.
System Status also agrees with MythWeb that the tuner is idle.

The same tuner has since been used to record other programmes so I know that
the tuner isn't "stuck" and can be reused by Myth.

So, in short, the only place that this programme erroneously looks like it
is still recording is in MythWeb's "Upcoming Recording" page.
If I edit the programme through MythWeb to say "Don't Record" or back to
"Record anytime on channel BBC1", MythWeb crashes with 
Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::save() in
/usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/modules/tv/detail.php on line 241

Having seen this before, I'm pretty sure that a backend restart will simply
make this vanish.

If you need anything further let me know.  I'll make sure I'll only restart
the backend if necessary so that I'll be in a position to try anything as

Thanks for your help,


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