[mythtv-users] Hardware resrouces required for s/w encode

Michael PARKER michael.parker at st.com
Thu Feb 4 11:43:10 UTC 2010

> The Wiki is about analog signals. DVB as the nam says is already digital and is encoded already.

It's the s/w encode of the analog/composite/S-video input I'm concerned about. I'm happy that the
DVB doesn't require h/w or s/w encode.

Quoting my original mail to Garry:


Having just spoken with Hauppauge UK, it appears that the analogue/composite/S-video input of the
HVR-4000 card doesn't have hardware encode. The DVB-T/S/S2 inputs don't need a h/w encoder (being
already in either MPEG-2 or h.264), so the ana./comp./S-video input has to make do with s/w encode.

For the time being, the majority of my recording will be done from a cable STB so I'll be using the
composite input a lot. I may, at a late date, switch to DVB-T/S/S2 and dump the cable TV (which I
only need for a few, non-free-to-air channels).

Since I've got a 2.3GHz X4 CPU, I'm assuming that s/w MPEG-4 (or RTjpeg) encode can easily be taken
care of by the CPU.

Am I correct? Or have I overlooked something?

I'm also assuming that the GHz performance of a single core is not the determining factor in whether
or not s/w encode is possible, and that codecs are multi-threaded to share the load across cores. If
not, I'm concerned (given Hauppauge's min. requirement of a 3GHz P4) that a single 2.3GHz core won't
be man enough for the job.


Hope that clarifies things a bit.




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