[mythtv-users] scte65scan - CDS too big; Re: Channel Scanner Problems (auto assign?)

Aron Schatz aronschatz at aselabs.com
Wed Feb 3 19:25:29 UTC 2010


I don't know why I didn't do the commenting out line 734 of scte65scan.c 
and then compiled it over sooner. That seemed to do the trick in getting 
it to work and not fail out.

I'll have to look at the entire program to see what that does, though.

I now have accurate data from the program, so this scte65scan issue is 
resolved. My original beef with the channel scanner still stands, 
though. Hopefully someone better at programming MythTV will be able to 
submit a patch for this issue.

Now I just need to get Myth to add the OTA HD channels in addition to 
the scte channels found. Minor issue on that.

Now to my other problems, thanks for the help on this one.


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