[mythtv-users] Change file extension - based on decoder

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Feb 3 15:51:20 UTC 2010

On 2/3/2010 06:39, Mark Wormgoor wrote:
> Do I create a user
> job? That does not have the decoder as an input parameter (but I could
> manually check the file type)

That information is only stored inside the scheduler. Once the recording 
has finished, that is forgotten.  While such information would probably 
be useful for debugging, you could find that information digging around 
in the logs.  Either way, there is no simple access to it in an 
automated manner.

> but also will not let me rename the file
> without going directly into the database. Any better suggestions?

You shouldn't be going into the database and changing the recording 
names anyway.  There is a currently a planned 'fix' to mythrename.pl to 
remove this capability, and make it symlink only.

> Having this in mythrename.pl would help. I already have a directory
> with symlinks to my recordings with a good directory structure and
> readable filenames - which is updated with mythrename.

The Perl bindings have a 'load_file_info' method, which pulls data from 
mplayer, called with the '-identify' parameter.  One of the data points 
it takes is 'mpeg_stream_type'.  This is a time-intensive process, which 
should not be performed more than once per recording.  Running it in 
mythrename.pl one every recording every half hour would be a mistake.

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